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Thank you for your application for a Kyushu University Lifetime Mail Address.
The procedure for the application is as follows.
Please be aware of some precautionary warnings appearing on the screen, when inputing necessary information.

Eligible People for the Service

Eligible people for the Lifetime Mail Address Service are as follows.

Graduates People who graduated from the Kyushu University (including Kyushu Imperial University), School of Health Science Kyushu University or Kyushu Institute of Design, or completed the graduate course or courses of these universities.
Current Students Current students of the departments or the graduate courses of the Kyushu University.
Current Teachers Current teachers of the Kyushu University. (Excluding retired teachers)
Professor Emeritus Professor emeritus granted by the Kyushu University, School of Health Science Kyushu University or Kyushu Institute of Design.
Kyudai Members The person who fills a fixed important matter and issues Kyudai Members card.

Procedure for Applying for Use of the Service

The procedure for applying to use of the service is as follows.

Step 1 User Please apply from the application screen after entering the necessary information.
Step 2 Administrators The site administrators will check the information according to the record of your enrollment at the University.
Please note that this sometimes takes 1 or 2 weeks.
In the event that some discrepancies are found, or your enrollment isnft found in the records, an e-mail will be sent to inform you. (Some small mistakes such as mistyping, etc. will be corrected by the administrators.)
After the information is confirmed, the administrators will send the e-mail,gRegistration Guideh to your registered e-mail address.
Step 3 Users Please access the URL in the gRegistration Guideh email to register after entering necessary information, including your Lifetime Mail ID from the registration screen.
Step 4 Administrators The registration will be authenticated according to the entered information.
After the registration is accomplished, the administrators will send the e-mail, gRegistration Notificationh with your Lifetime ID and password for logging-in to your registered e-mail.
Since the notification message contains some important information, please save it in a safe place.
Step 5 Users After receiving the notification, you can start using the Life Time Mail Address service.


Please click the gApplicationh button and enter the necessary information on the application screen.

COPYRIGHT(C) Lifeomg E-mail Account Service Administration Department,
Information Policy Committee, Kyushu University