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Qdai-mail Tsushin #033

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Friday, October 30, 2020

◆Notes on infectious disease control related to the novel
coronavirus (COVID-19) are posted on the University website.

**Research Close-Up

*Capturing carbon dioxide with polymers to mitigate climate change
Approaching the issue from a different angle, Ikuo Taniguchi, 
associate professor of Kyushu University’s International Institute 
for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, is researching ways to reduce 
the carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere by capturing it at 
the emission source for storage underground. 



*What is a sustainable society after COVID-19?
On September 2 and 3, researchers and experts in humanities 
and social sciences, science and engineering, life sciences, 
and more gathered on-site and online for Kyushu University 
Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies (Q-AOS) Symposium 2020 
to advance the vision of what a sustainable society will look like 
around Asia, Oceania, and the world in light of COVID-19.


*Kyushu University hosts the 9th International Japanese Language 
 Debate Course online
Despite COVID-19 presenting new obstacles to international exchange, 
more than 30 participants from various regions were able to learn and 
interact together online across national borders through 
the 9th International Japanese Language Debate Course 
from August 23 to 30, 2020.


*Welcome, President Ishibashi
Kyushu University is proud to welcome President Tatsuro Ishibashi 
as the 24th President of Kyushu University. 
President Ishibashi’s six-year term leading the nearly 19,000 students 
and 2,000 faculty of Kyushu University began on October 1.


*Delivering to the world webinars that connect Asia
In the first of what may become a yearly event connecting people 
around Asia to discuss and overcome the issues facing the region, 
Kyushu University Asia Week 2020 was hosted by Kyushu University 
from September 1 to 12, 2020, in a webinar format under 
the theme of “Universities to Grow Societal Impact.”


*Kyushu University's Taiwan Studies Program has funding 
 renewed by the Taiwan Ministry of Education
On Friday, September 25, a signing ceremony took place at 
Kyushu University to confirm renewed support from 
Taiwan's Ministry of Education for Kyushu University's 
Interdisciplinary Taiwan Studies Program. 



*Beech tree growth recovered as air pollution levels fell
Recently published research performed in collaboration with 
Kyushu University indicates that reductions in air pollution 
from the Asian continent reaching Japan may be leading to 
a rebound in the growth of beech trees in the central 
mountainous area of the island nation.


*Particulate plutonium released from the Fukushima Daiichi 
Small amounts of plutonium (Pu) were released from the damaged 
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) reactors into 
the environment during the site’s 2011 nuclear disaster. However, 
the physical, chemical, and isotopic form of the released Pu has 
remained unknown.


*Sugar more than just sweet to the tongue
Studying the tongues of mice, researchers led by Keiko Yasumatsu, 
professor at Tokyo Dental Junior College, and Yuzo Ninomiya, 
professor of Kyushu University’s Research and Development Center 
for Five-Sense Devices, report that, in addition to traditional taste 
receptors, cells able to take up the simple sugar glucose with 
the aid of sodium appear to play a role in sensing sweetness.


*Newly discovered beetles get a lift from termites
Aside from just termites, countless other insects live 
symbiotically inside of many termite nests. 
A research team including members from Kyushu University 
has now discovered a new species of scarab beetles in Myanmar 
that not only live with termites but also get carried around by them.



*Contesting Memorial Spaces in the Asia-Pacific
Date:2020.11.06 [Fri] 08:00 - 2020.11.07 [Sat] 17:30
On November 6-7, Kyushu University Border Studies will host an 
international conference on 'Contesting Memorial Spaces in the Asia-Pacific'.
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