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Terms and Conditions

(1) The Lifetime E-Mail Address Service (hereinafter called Service) of the Kyushu University (hereinafter called University) shall be provided according to these terms and conditions. (Herein after called Terms and Conditions)

(2) Regarding the Service

※ Service Content
Users shall judge the accuracy and reliability of information provided through Service for themselves before making the decision of registering for Service and agree to use it at their own risk.

※ Network Delay
The university is not responsible for any trouble caused by e-mail after it is forwarded from the University, such as network delays caused by network congestion or failure, failing to receive forwarded e-mail, etc.

(3) Registration

Please register the necessary information when you apply for the Service.
If a user violates the Terms and Conditions herein or other regulations related to the Service, or if a registered user doesn’t exist or registered information isn’t correct is incorrect, the registration may be declined or cancelled. If a user’s contact e-mail address is inactive for a long time, the registration may be cancelled.

(4) Personal Information

※ Privacy Policy
The purpose for our collecting, using and providing of personal information will always be made clear and with your consent before use, and not for any other use than stated.

1) The purpose of use of personal information
Personal information we collect will be used for the following 5 purposes.

・To forward e-mail from the Lifetime E-Mail Address to the registered address.
・To e-mail information from the University.
・To provide the users information regarding other users. (Only the information agreed to publish.)
・To improve the service content.
・To support activities of the Alumni Reunion Organization

2) Disclosure of personal information to third parties

3) We will share personal information for the following reasons.

・When the users agree to share their own personal information for a specified purpose.
・When we need to respond to subpoenas, court orders or such other legal process.

4) Disclosure, correction of privacy information and suspension of services
The users can request the University to disclose, correct or suspend services regarding their own personal information.

We will take reasonable precautions to prevent the illegal access, loss, misuse or alteration of personal information.

1) Safe Management of personal information
The following measures are implemented to ensure safety of personal information

・We assign persons to handle information within certain limits according to the purpose of use of the information.
・We keep information correct and up to date.
・We take safe management measures, including obtaining or providing of personal information, from both an information security and organizational management point of view.
・The users’ personal information is protected by password.
・We save the personal information collected from the users by restricting access to unqualified people to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of the information.
・Inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, update or removal of users’ personal information will be responded to in accord with our privacy policy, only after confirmation of personal identification, such as reference of registered ID or e-mail address, etc.

In case of disclosing personal information, we will confirm whether recipients of that information also observe the same safe management obligations.

(5) Service Fee

Service is free of charge. However your normal internet fees still apply.

(6) Intellectual Property Rights

University shall have the exclusive rights regarding Service. The content of Service shall not be reprinted, copied, corrected, modified or assigned to the third parties without permission.

(7) Restrictions

Users shall not engage in the following;
(University shall judge whether matters are applicable or not.)

・Any action including using, copying, selling or re-selling, etc,of Service in a manner which violates any law or for commercial activities.
・Annoyance or disturbance of other users of Service
・Modifying or deleting the content of Service, or actions causing economic or emotional abuse of others.
・Disclosing personal information of others without permission, posting defamations or false information, or representation.
・Letting others use Service.
・Stalking activities, harassing behavior, defamation, excessively confrontational attitude or actions which University deems inappropriate.

(8) Assignment of Responsibility

Password shall not be given away to others. User’s right or responsibilities, which are based on Terms and Conditions herein, shall not be assigned to others. Using Service where the user’s password is needed shall be viewed as being done according to the user’s responsibility. Users shall handle complaints toward their posted articles according to the users’ responsibility.

(9) Acknowledgment and Notice

In case University judges that acknowledgement or notices to users are needed, University will send e-mail. When users need to contact to University, they will do so through e-mail to the appropriate contacts on the website.

(10) Discontinuance and Cancellation of Operation

University may discontinue or cancel the operation of Service without notice due to maintenance, recovery or force majeure. University will not be liable for any losses arising from such discontinuance or cancellation.

(11) Change and Termination

University reserves the right to change, discontinue or terminate the content of Service, site construction, or Terms and Conditions without notice.

(12) Registered Information of Users

University reserves the right to use the registered information of the users for acknowledgement or notice regarding Service.

(13) Change of Terms and Conditions

University may change or modify Terms and Conditions herein. The change or modification will be effective after publication as seen fit by University and the latest Terms and Conditions are always applied.

We can not respond to inquiries not related to the Lifetime E-mail address service.Thank you for your understanding.


(1) We will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused by use of Service.

(2) The information or function in Service isn’t guaranteed to meet the all users’ expectations

(3) The user shall take responsibility for handling confidential information including their own ID and password, etc. University will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or loss caused by theft of the information due to negligence.

(4) Applicable Browsers for Service
Mozilla Firefox 89 and higher, Google Chrome 91 and higher, and Microsoft Edge 91 and higher.
Please note that any damage caused by using other browsers is not included in our support.

(5) Delay or non-delivery of forwarded e-mail messages may occur due to certain situations.

(6) Communication charges involved in using Service such as internet and e-mail service charges shall be paid by the users.

COPYRIGHT(C) Lifetime E-mail Account Service Administration Department,
Information Policy Committee, Kyushu University