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What is the Kyushu University Lifetime E-Mail Address?

The Kyushu University Lifetime E-Mail Address is a free e-mail forwarding service for people who graduated from the school, current students, current teachers, professor emeritus of the Kyushu University and Kyudai Members.
It is different from Primary Mail Address.
The students who entered undergraduate schools in@FY2015 and the students who entered graduate schools in FY2016 the Lifetime E-mail Address, which you can use for life as an exclusive one for transfer.
First of all, KU makes Primary Mail Address a Lifetime E-mail Address's draft transfer destination.
If a delivery error (including other forwarding e-mail addresses) occurs three times consecutively, the transfer will be suspended. Please change your registration information if you'd like to continue using the Lifetime E-maii Address service.
The service began on 31st Oct. 2005 with the aim of cultivating the school spirit by strengthening solidarity between the University and former students and associates.

Eligible People for the Service

Eligible people for the Lifetime E-Mail Address Service are as follow.

Graduates People who graduated from the Kyushu University (including Kyushu Imperial University), School of Health Science Kyushu University or Kyushu Institute of Design, or those who completed the graduate course or courses of these universities.
Current Students Current students of the departments or the graduate courses of the Kyushu University.
Faculty and staff, including retiree Faculty and staff, including retiree of the Kyushu University.
Professor Emeritus Professor emeritus granted by the Kyushu University, School of Health Science Kyushu University or Kyushu Institute of Design.
Kyudai Members The person who fills a fixed important matter and issues Kyudai Members card.

Merits of the Service

After the application, you will receive your forwarding Lifetime E-Mail Address bearing the name of the University, g@kyudai.jph with your chosen account name.
The e-mail address can be used for your entire lifetime, even if you change your internet provider or organizations to which you belong. You can register up to 3 e-mail addresses for receiving forwarded e-mails.
Moreover, you can receive the e-mail newsletter, eQdai-mail News Lettersf for information regarding the Universityfs latest focus, including its educational research, events related to the University and alumni associations.

COPYRIGHT(C) Lifetime E-mail Account Service Administration Department,
Information Policy Committee, Kyushu University